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You will know that forgiveness hasbegun when you recall those who hurtyou and feel the power to wish them well.
Author : Ebenezer Famurewa
The longer I live the longer my contribution (to human average age)
Author : Tasneem Hameed
Face book’s images are linked in to my space of thoughts. Even the bird’s twitter make me stumble upon new desires, the chime bringing back the face afresh.
Author : Tasneem Hameed
Do in the UN as the US do.
Author : Tasneem Hameed
Who says nothing is impossible, many in the world are doing it.
Author : Tasneem Hameed
To Whom It May Concern. Tell all the concerned that I am concerned by their concern.
Author : Tasneem Hameed
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• By Heinkel100 on Are you a math genious ?
perhaps right but what if:
1. 2+4 is 6 factor 2
2. 8+2 is 10 factor 8
3. 3+6 is 9 factor 3
4. 4+3 is 7 factor 4
5. 7+8 is 15 beginning factor was 2 result ?? is 30

depends on the question,lol i would ask wannebe maths sheldon coopers just how looks the future
6. ??
7. ??
8. ??
9. ??
27. ??
1971 ??
just joking,look the film awakenings 1990 with r williams and de niro,key point is the finger story,how much fingers.if someone say he knows anything it is just a speculation!greetz from berlin,nice side good community!
• By Evelyn Deku on J'♥ mes filles - I ♥ my Daughters
i love my boi
• By Samar Ben on Being an adult
I wish I could. Hahaha.
• By Stephanie Smith on Idiocy comes in many colors
How true this is, I know quite a few lol
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